Vessel PONENTE IMO 9351763

Vessel Name PONENTE
IMO No. 9351763
Vessel Type Bulk Carrier
DWT Weight 83051
Flag Marshall Islands
Buit 2006
P & I Club Sveriges Angfartys Assurans Forening (Swedish Club)
Class Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (IACS)
Since 02/05/2006

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MV "Ponente"
CallSign: V7A2019
Ex-Name(s) :
Orange Truth
Tsuneishi Numakuma 1308

Type : Panamax
Sub type : Bulk Carrier
Gears : Gearless
Flag : Marshall Islands
Class : Nippon Kaiji
DWT/Draft: 83,051 MT DWT / 14.43 m SSW
TPC / TPI :  70.20 MT /  178.31 LT at full summer draft
LOA/Beam : 228.90 m (loa) / 32.26 m (beam)
LBP : 222 m

Int'l tonnage : 42,887 GT / 27,547 NT

Summer salt : 83,051 MT DWT / 14.43 m SSW / 70.20 TPC

Strengthened for heavy cargo

Depth moulded : 20.1 m
Light weight : 10,872 MT
IFO capacity : 2,720 MT
FW capacity : 461 m3
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What are Ponente ship details?

Vessel Ponente (IMO: 9351763 ) is Bulk Carrier built in 2006 and currently sailing under the flag of Marshall Islands
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