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Association & Institute

Aims About Association & Institute.

What is the Aim of the Maritime Association?Ans:- The Aim of Maritime Association is to provide information about to promote safe, secure, environmentally sound, efficient and sustainable shipping t...

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Freight Forwarders

Brief Information about Freight Forwarders.

What is Freight Forwarding?Ans:- Freight Forwarding serves transportation companies that import and export goods and business that need them. Freight Forwarders manage aspects of the transportation ...

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Elements of Warehousing.

What is a Covered Warehouse?Ans:- Covered Warehouse is a place covered with a roof where raw materials or manufactured goods are stored until they are exported to other countries.

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Chartering & Broking

Perception about Ship Chartering & Broking.

What are Ship Charters?Ans:- Ship Charters helps the organisation to hire the ship by a vessel owner to another company for the transportation of goods. Ship Charters contra...

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Land Logistics

Explanation about Land Logistics.

What is Liquid Cargo Logistics?Ans:- Liquid Cargo Logistics carries the unpacked liquid in a huge quantity and it is usually transported by ships that are commonly referred as tankers which are espe...

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Air Logistics

Theory about Air Logistics.

What is an Air Freight Forwarder?Ans:- Air Freight Forwarder is a type of freight forwarder who is specialized in air cargo and who performs consolidation on consignment. Air Freight Forwarder is es...

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