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Our company, Samer & Misa is based in Durres city, the main port of Albania. She was founded in 1993 by Samer & Co. Shipping originally named as Sam-Shqip Agencies Ltd. In 2011, the company was re-organized and renamed as Samer & Misa Sh.p.k., under the management of partner ILIR MISA in partnership with Samer & Co Shipping. The company respects professional and human values and pays continuous care to develop them further.


Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

We offer services of freight forwarding of goods and logistics co...

Sale and Purchase

Sale and Purchase

Our company has on board staff with long experience in intermedia...

Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency

The service of shipping agent is provided with dedication and pro...

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Samer & Misa, Lagjja No.3, Sheshi Liria, EGT Tower, Kati i pestë, Durrës, Albania

Durres - Albania

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