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Mumbai Port Trust is a port which lies midway on the West coast of India, on the natural deep-water harbour of Mumbai in Maharashtra.

The Port of Mumbai is situated almost midway (Latitude 18o 54’ N, Longitude 72o 49’ E) on the West coast of India and is gifted with a natural deep water Harbour of about 400 square kilometres protected  by the mainland of Konkan on its East and Island of Mumbai on its West.

Mumbai Port Terminal : 1) Dry Cargo Handling 2) Marine Oil Terminals 3) Bunders (Barge Jetty) 4) Dry Dock 

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Mumbai Port Trust [in]

UN Locator Code



18° 55' 59.9988" N
72° 51' 00" E

Anchorage Area

Lat : 19°08.0’N Long : 72°29.6’E
Lat : 19°08.0’N Long : 72°33.2’E
Lat : 19°02.0’N Long : 72°34.8’E
Lat : 19°02.0’N Long : 72°31.1’E

Lat : 18°53.0’N Long : 72°31.7’E
Lat : 18°45.8’N Long : 72°23.2’E
Lat : 18°35.2’N Long : 72°33.5’E
Lat : 18°42.2’N Long : 72°41.7’E

Pilot boarding

Pilotage in and out of the harbour is compulsory for ships of 100 tons nett and upwards. The pilotage limits outward being delimited by a line drawn East-West through the Prongs Lighthouse.

During Fair Weather Latitude 18 O 51.5’ N, Longitude 072 O 49.5’ E
During Foul Weather Latitude 18 O 53.00’ N, Longitude 072 O 51.00’ E

Maneuvering time from Anchorage to Berth

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VHF Channel Number

Mumbai Radio & VHF Ch 12 and 16

Water Density

1000-1020 mt/cub mtr (varies from season to season)


The climate of Mumbai generally shows a regular seasonal variation and the general character of the weather is more nearly related to the season. The fair weather period is from October to June when it is generally sunny and dry. In the latter half of May, the weather becomes hot, sultry and humid as the conditions build up for the onset of SW monsoon. The “break” of the monsoon is accompanied by heavy rains, often lasting for several days.Towards the end of August, the monsoon begins to slacken and eventually recedes from Mumbai by the end of September.

BA Charts required

Mariners are advised to exercise caution and contact local port authorities for more information

Former INM 200(T)//14 is cancelled. Chart Affected - 2015 (INT 7337) (port of mumbai) – 2016 (INT 7336) (mumbai harbour) – 255 (outer approaches to mumbai) - 2076 (INT 7338) (jnpt)

BA2621, 1487, 2624, 2627; India 2001 (mumbai dock)

Stevedoring Working Hrs

Day - 0730 to 1630 hrs - Lunch time - 1200 to 1300 hrs
Night - 1630 to 2330 hrs - Tea time - 2000 to 2030 hrs
Third - 2330 to 0730 hrs - Tea time - 0330 to 0400 hrs


Highest Recorded Tide : +5.39 m
Mean High Water Spring (MHWS) +4.42 m
Mean Sea Level (MSL) +2.51 m
Mean High Water Neap (MHWN) +3.30 m
Mean Low Water Neap (MLWN) +1.85 m
Mean Low Water Spring (MLWS) +0.76 m
Lowest Recorded Tide : -0.44 m

Discharge Facility


Vessel Age Permitted

25 Years & subject to class approved by DG SHIPPING.

Minimum Crane Outreach

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Approach / Entrance Channel

This channel also acts as a common channel to Mumbai and JN port.
LENGTH : The total length of the dredged channels of Mumbai Port is about 30.4 km.
WIDTH : Approach From Main Channel 1) Pilot Station to Inner anchorage - Min Width 325 m
DEPTH : The Mumbai harbour channel is presently maintained at a depth of 10.7 m to 11 m CD. Approach From Main Channel 1) Pilot Station to Inner anchorage - Min Depth 13.5 m

Inner Anchorage for BULK Operation

There are 06 Mumbai Inner anchorages available for BULK operation.

B-3 Inner Anchorage 18* 53.670 N 072* 51.804 E
C-3 Inner Anchorage 18* 54.083 N 072* 51.851 E
D-3 Inner Anchorage 18* 54.402 N 072* 52.164 E
E-3 Inner Anchorage 18* 54.790 N 072* 52.210 E
J-3 Inner Anchorage 18*55.757 N 072*52.293 E
X-3 Inner Anchorage 18* 52.307 N 072* 51.569 E

Vessel Related Services & General Information

7) SIGN ON-OFF : Permitted [except Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladeshi, China]
a) Nearest International Airport (MUMBAI) 25KM around away from port.
b) Hotel facility available at MUMBAI City.
8) SPARES delivery possible on board via air cargo from Mumbai Air Cargo
9) Immobilization Permission : Subject to Permitted

Under Keel Clearance

Port UKC is 0.30 mtrs.

Communication & Connection

ROAD : Mumbai Port is well connected to the hinterland through major arterial road network of suburbs of Mumbai city. The main road networks connecting the hinterland to Mumbai Port are as follows: 1) NH-8 connecting Delhi – Jaipur – Gandhi Nagar – Surat – Mumbai 2) NH-3 connecting Delhi – Agra – Bhopal – Nashik – Panvel 3) NH-4 connecting Thane – Pune – Belgaum – Bangalore – Ranipet – Chennai 4) NH-17 connecting Cochin – Mangalore - Goa – Panvel. The NH-8 from North & Gujarat, NH-3 from Central part and Nashik, NH-4, Mumbai – Pune Expressway and NH-17 from Southern Part of country bring the traffic to Mumbai port.

RAILS : MbPT railway system is connected to Indian Railways at Raoli Junction, Wadala for receiving and dispatching the traffic generated from and to hinterland.

AIR : Mumbai Airport (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal)

Port Rules

1) Actual arrival of the vsl is considered by port for berthing as "first come first serve basis".
2) For ANCHORAGE berth, vsls are declared prior minimum 7/10 days arrival of the vsl
3) During congestion port authority will always insist for performance of loading/discharging of cargo as per port norm, failing which port authority may shift the vessel at PLA/outer anchorage due to non performance to occupy another waiting vessel. In order to avoid these hassle port authorities will request for confirmation from receiver for readiness of their logistics to receiver the cargo without delay.
4) The inner anchorage is allotted by Port authorities 24 hrs prior to vessel arrival.

Ship Security

ISPS Level:

Police Boat: No

Night Navigation

Night navigation allowed?: Yes

Day Navigation Restriction


Vessel husbandry services & general information

medical facility for crew: Yes

Bunker supply: Yes

Ship supply: Yes

Fresh water supply: Yes

Garbage removal facility: Yes

Sludge removal facility: Yes

Repairing workshop availability: Yes

Sign On-Off permitted: Yes

Nearest International Airport:
Distance KM from port :

Nearest Domestic Airport:
Distance KM from port :

Ship sanitation certificate renewal: Yes

Port equipment information

Shore crane: Yes

Shore grab: Yes

Forklift: Yes

Container Lifter: Yes

Warehouse & Open Storege

Covered Warehouse Area: Yes

Open Storage Area: Yes

Cargo Connectivity

Land: Yes

Rail: Yes

Dry Docking

Dry Docking Available: Yes

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Terminal Details and information of Mumbai Port Trust [in]

Shore Crane
Berth No LOA(Mrts) Beam(Mtrs) Draft(Mtrs) DWT Qty SWL Cargo Handled
Indira Dock
1 TO 17 (inside lock) 175.26/190.5* 25.91/24.38* 8.84/9.10* - - - Multi-purpose berth
18 (outside lock) 183 - 7.5 CD - - - Multi-purpose berth
19 (outside lock) 168 - 7.5 CD - - - Multi-purpose berth
20 (outside lock) 168 - 7.5 CD - - - Multi-purpose berth
21 (outside lock) 168 - 7.5 CD - - - Multi-purpose berth

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Port Information and Characteristics of Mumbai Seaport - India

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