Vessel Line Up & Schedule Port Details At Ennor Sea Port (kamarajar Port)- India Port Information

Vessel Line Up & Schedule Port Details At Ennor Sea Port (kamarajar Port)- India Port Information

Kamarajar Port, located on the Coromandel Coast about 24 km north of Chennai Port, Chennai, it is the 12th major port of India, and the first port in India which is a public company. The port was declared as a major port under the Indian Ports Act, 1908 in March 1999 and incorporated as Ennore Port Limited under the Companies Act, 1956 in October 1999. The Kamarajar Port is the only corporatized major port and is registered as a company. Today, the landlord port is the dominant port model in larger and medium sized ports.

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Vessels in Port as on 6:00am

SNo.Vessel NameCargoArrivalBerthedSailingBerthQty(MT)Agent
1MV APJ Angad 2T-Coal17-03-202318-03-202321-03-2023CB277150Seaport
2MV APJ MahakaliT-Coal18-03-202319-03-202320-03-2023CB170947Seaport
3MV Jal VaibhavT-Coal13-03-202319-03-202321-03-2023ECT86750Seaport

Vessels Waiting at Outer Anchorage

SNo.Vessel NameCargoArrivalBerthedSailingBerthQty(MT)Agent
1MT Sampurna SwarajyaNil10-04-2022--O/ANilSCI
2LPG C AyamePropane/Butane13-03-2023--MLT24000Interocean
3MV Silver GateS-Coal19-03-2023--ECT76255JNB
4MV OtziasS-Coal19-03-2023--ECT56003Sunbeam

Vessels Expected

SNo.Vessel NameCargoArrivalBerthedSailingBerthQty(MT)Agent
1MV Maersk KarachiContainers21-03-2023--AECT1300 UnitsMaersk
2LPG C Vivit DubhePropane/Butane20-03-2023--MLT25000Atlantic
3MV Rio CadizContainers26-03-2023--AECT1600 UnitsMaersk
4MV Maersk KarlskronaContainers28-03-2023--AECT1800 UnitsMaersk
5MV Bergamot AceAutomobiles23-03-2023--GCB3000 UnitsMOL
6MV Pleiades SpiritAutomobiles29-03-2023--GCB2500 UnitsMOL
7MV BBC ZarateAutomobiles22-03-2023--GCB128 UnitsMarcons
8MV Lily AtlanticS-Coal21-03-2023---S-Coal80098JM Baxi
9MV GIA InspirationS-Coal24-03-2023--ECT47498Pearl
10MV SDTR CelesteS-Coal27-03-2023--ECT82223Gac
11MT Erowati IChemicals22-03-2023--MLT7550Gac

Ennor Sea Port (kamarajar Port)- India Vessel Schedule by Port and Arrivals, Departures, Expected vessels

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