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Shenzhen Seaport is Shenzhen city at the South part of Zhujiang River Delta in Province of Guangdong, in the Country of China. The Port handles all types of Cargo including grain, animal food, sugar, steel, cement, timber and container. Approx 24,000 vessels, 200,000,000t of cargo and 18,000,000TEU handled annually.

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Port Details


Vessel line-up and schedule


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Shenzhen Seaport

UN Locator Code




Anchorage Area

1) Dayushan NO.1 Anchorage ALLOWED DRAFT 8M-13M

22/17/07N 113/49/14E

22/14/58N 113/49/50E

22/17/43N 113/51/04E

22/17/43N 113/49/34E

2) Dayushan NO.2 Anchorage ALLOWED DRAFT 5.2M-7.6M

22/18/16N 113/49/56E

22/18/16N 113/51/19E

22/19/47N 113/52/00E

22/19/47N 113/50/50E

3) Liquid Cargo Anchorage ALLOWED DRAFT 5M-12M

22/28/07.4N 113/50/25E

22/29/25.4N 113/51/12E

22/28/26.1N 113/51/38E

22/28/11.4N 113/51/02E

4) Mazhou West Dangerous Goods Anchorage ALLOWED DRAFT 3M-3.5M

22/28/21N 113/49/02E

22/28/21N 113/50/28E

22/29/43N 113/49/37E

22/29/43N 113/49/02E

5) Dachan Anchorage ALLOWED DRAFT 2.3M-7.6M

22/39/02N 113/45/15E

22/39/02N 113/44/41E

22/40/00N 113/44/28E

22/40/00N 113/45/02E

6) Longgu Anchorage ALLOWED DRAFT 15.6M-22.3M

22/24/54N 113/52/39E

22/24/54N 113/53/09E

22/23/42N 113/52/57E

22/23/42N 113/53/29E

7) HONKONG RMPS anchorage around (22/24N 113/52E) for lightening

Pilot boarding

① 22/25N 113/54E

VHF Channel Number



③ V.T.S: VHF CH65,69,72

Water Density


BA Charts required


Harbor Master’s restriction

① Vessel’s oil record book/garbage record book/ballast record/crew’s service books should be full/complete/correct record and/or stamp before arrival SHENZHEN port in case of penalty

② Master and/or C/O are not allowed to go ashore at same time, so do the C/E and/or 1/E

③ Any drills/hot work/painting/etc...should obtain permission before conducting

④ Pay attention to the correctness/accurateness of crew list

⑤ Alcohol/Drug(narcotics)/Smuggle sale/smoking is forbidden at port

⑥ Night navigation is forbidden for SHENZHEN port

⑦ Bulk carrier/tanker with LOA over 230m or arrival draft exceeding 12.5m can be permitted to transit HONGKONG water daytime only. HONGKONG MAWAN channel restriction: Bulk carrier vessel’s LOA exceed to 290m or draft exceed 16.8m is not permit transit MAWAN channel as per HONGKONG MARDEP

⑧ Vessel must first do lightening operation at URMSTON road anchorage of HONGKONG water until draft reduced below 12.5m, with suitable high tide, vessel can berth alongside SHEKOU wharf for continuing discharging. There is only one vessel can be permitted to conduct lightening operation at URMSTON road anchorage

⑨ If vessel’s draft over 16.8m,lightening compulsory at HONGKONG outer anchorage(south LAMMA anchorage)to reduce to 16.8m for safe transiting MAWAN channel as per HONGKONG MARDEP.

⑩ Air draft limitation for passing QINGMA bridge is 53m

⑪ Normally CHIWAN terminal for discharging Yellow Corn base vessel’s draft under 12.5m. Otherwise vessel should arrive HONGKONG URMPS anchorage for lightening and reduce the draft to 12.5m

⑫ Usual lightening rate:10000-15000mts/day, actual rate will according to the numbers of barge which arranged by terminal.

⑬ If vessel’s DWT is over 75000mts, special permission is required by SHENZHEN MSA

Ship Security

ISPS Level: 1

Police Boat: No

Night Navigation

Night navigation allowed?: No

Day Navigation Restriction

1) Draft of channel: 15.8m

① HONGKONG MAWAN channel:16.8m

② Draft channel to SHEKOU No.9 wharf is 11.7m, to SHEKOU No.7&8 is10.7m

③ Draft channel to CHIWAN is 11.3m

2) Tide range:1.5m

3) UKC: 1.2 m

4) Water Density: 1.015

5) Surpass/Lifting/Trial/Measurement is forbidden

6) Encounter is prohibited if visibility is less than 2nm or wind scale is over L6

Vessel husbandry services & general information

medical facility for crew: Yes

Bunker supply: Yes

Ship supply: Yes

Fresh water supply: Yes

Garbage removal facility: Yes

Sludge removal facility: Yes

Repairing workshop availability: Yes

Sign On-Off permitted: Yes

Nearest International Airport: Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
Distance KM from port :

Nearest Domestic Airport: Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
Distance KM from port :

Ship sanitation certificate renewal: Yes

Port equipment information

Shore crane: Yes

Shore grab: Yes

Forklift: Yes

Container Lifter: Yes

Warehouse & Open Storege

Covered Warehouse Area: Yes

Open Storage Area: Yes

Cargo Connectivity

Land: Yes
Well connected with Road Transportation

Rail: Yes
Well connected with Rail Transportation

Dry Docking

Dry Docking Available: Yes

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Terminal Details and information of Shenzhen Port

Shore Crane
Berth No LOA(Mrts) Beam(Mtrs) Draft(Mtrs) DWT Qty SWL Cargo Handled

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Port Information and Characteristics of Shenzhen Seaport - China

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