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The Port of Durres is the largest seaport of Albania. The port is situated in the city of Durres Operation :

 Annual cargo tonnage Increase 4,072,541 tons (2019)
Annual container volume Increase 145,762 TEU (2019)
Passenger traffic Decrease 878,867 (2019),
Depth: 5.6 - 11.2 meters

UN Locator Code


Port Details


Vessel line-up and schedule


Details latest Port information Port Of Durres [albania]


Durres Port

UN Locator Code




Anchorage Area


Pilot boarding

Pilotage compulsory: for vessels over 500gt
Tugs compulsory : Tidal movement range: 0.30-0.40 m

Maneuvering time from Anchorage to Berth


VHF Channel Number

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Water Density

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BA Charts required

Publication : 132 - Chart 54266

Stevedoring Working Hrs

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Discharge Facility


100+ Ton Lifts: AVAILABLE
Fixed Cranes: AVAILABLE
25-49 Ton Lifts: AVAILABLE
Floating Cranes: AVAILABLE

Loading & Unloading
Berth : Yes
Anchorage : No

Vessel Age Permitted


Minimum Crane Outreach

Other Info
Air Draft : No Limit
Bunkering: yes
Water: yes
Garbage disposal: yes
Provisions: yes

Ship Security

ISPS Level:

Police Boat: No

Night Navigation

Night navigation allowed?: No

Day Navigation Restriction

Vessel husbandry services & general information

medical facility for crew: Yes

Bunker supply: Yes

Ship supply: Yes

Fresh water supply: Yes

Garbage removal facility: Yes

Sludge removal facility: Yes

Repairing workshop availability: Yes

Sign On-Off permitted: Yes

Nearest International Airport:
Distance KM from port :

Nearest Domestic Airport:
Distance KM from port :

Ship sanitation certificate renewal: Yes

Port equipment information

Shore crane: Yes

Shore grab: Yes

Forklift: Yes

Container Lifter: Yes

Warehouse & Open Storege

Covered Warehouse Area: Yes

Open Storage Area: Yes

Cargo Connectivity

Land: Yes

Rail: Yes

Dry Docking

Dry Docking Available: Yes

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Terminal Details and information of Port Of Durres [albania]

Shore Crane
Berth No LOA(Mrts) Beam(Mtrs) Draft(Mtrs) DWT Qty SWL Cargo Handled
General Cargo West-terminal
GENERAL CARGO Quay length 800 - 7.00m-8.2 m - - - Handling capacity 1.500.000 ton/year
Coal, Steel, Mineral,
Bulk Cargo East-terminal
BULK CARGO Quay length 422 - 6.5 m-11.5 m
- - - Bulk Cargo, Coal, Fertilizer Minerals, Cement,
Handling capacity 1.8 million tons
Container Terminal
Container Quay length 265 - 8.6m – 10.00 m - - - Storage capacity 3.000 TEU
Handling capacity 180.000 TEU/ year
Ferry Terminal

Quay length 500 - 8.5-10.00 m - - - Handling capacity 10.000 psg/day – 1.5 million psg/ year ?

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Port Information and Characteristics of Durres Port - Albania

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