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The Port of Durres is the largest seaport of Albania. The port is situated in the city of Durres Operation :
Annual cargo tonnage Increase 4,072,541 tons (2019)
Annual container volume Increase 145,762 TEU (2019)
Passenger traffic Decrease 878,867 (2019),
Depth: 5.6 - 11.2 meters

UN Locator Code


Port Details


Vessel line-up and schedule


Details latest Port information Port Of Durres


Durres Seaport

UN Locator Code




Anchorage Area


Pilot boarding

Pilotage compulsory: for vessels over 500gt
Tugs compulsory : Tidal movement range: 0.30-0.40 m

Maneuvering time from Anchorage to Berth


VHF Channel Number

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Water Density

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BA Charts required

Publication : 132 - Chart 54266

Stevedoring Working Hrs

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Discharge Facility


100+ Ton Lifts: AVAILABLE
Fixed Cranes: AVAILABLE
25-49 Ton Lifts: AVAILABLE
Floating Cranes: AVAILABLE

Loading & Unloading
Berth : Yes
Anchorage : No

Vessel Age Permitted


Minimum Crane Outreach

Other Info
Air Draft : No Limit
Bunkering: yes
Water: yes
Garbage disposal: yes
Provisions: yes

Ship Security

ISPS Level:

Police Boat: No

Night Navigation

Night navigation allowed?: No

Day Navigation Restriction

Vessel husbandry services & general information

medical facility for crew: Yes

Bunker supply: Yes

Ship supply: Yes

Fresh water supply: Yes

Garbage removal facility: Yes

Sludge removal facility: Yes

Repairing workshop availability: Yes

Sign On-Off permitted: Yes

Nearest International Airport:
Distance KM from port :

Nearest Domestic Airport:
Distance KM from port :

Ship sanitation certificate renewal: Yes

Port equipment information

Shore crane: Yes

Shore grab: Yes

Forklift: Yes

Container Lifter: Yes

Warehouse & Open Storege

Covered Warehouse Area: Yes

Open Storage Area: Yes

Cargo Connectivity

Land: Yes

Rail: Yes

Dry Docking

Dry Docking Available: Yes

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Terminal Details and information of Port Of Durres

Shore Crane
Berth No LOA(Mrts) Beam(Mtrs) Draft(Mtrs) DWT Qty SWL Cargo Handled
General Cargo West-terminal
GENERAL CARGO Quay length 800 - 7.00m-8.2 m - - - Handling capacity 1.500.000 ton/year
Coal, Steel, Mineral,
Bulk Cargo East-terminal
BULK CARGO Quay length 422 - 6.5 m-11.5 m
- - - Bulk Cargo, Coal, Fertilizer Minerals, Cement,
Handling capacity 1.8 million tons
Container Terminal
Container Quay length 265 - 8.6m – 10.00 m - - - Storage capacity 3.000 TEU
Handling capacity 180.000 TEU/ year
Ferry Terminal

Quay length 500 - 8.5-10.00 m - - - Handling capacity 10.000 psg/day – 1.5 million psg/ year ?

Note : The Port Information, Restrictions updated are current & and can be changed without any prior intimation by authority. We shall not be responsible for any.

Port Information and Characteristics of Durres Port - Albania

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